Surgical Prehabilitation to Improve Postoperative Outcome (in French Only)

Until November 1, 2024

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Duration: 2 hours

Credits: 3


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Surgical Prehabilitation to Improve Postoperative Outcome (in French Only)

Surgical Prehabilitation to Improve Postoperative Outcome: The fitness of patients with cancer prior to surgery.

Online Training

By Vanessa Ferreira, kinesiologist, Ph.D. candidate


Ms. Ferreira graduated from Mcgill University with a master’s degree in kinesiology in 2018 and is now a doctoral candidate. She is now a kinesiologist/pre-authorization research assistant at the Peri-Operative/Pre-authorization Program Clinic at the Montreal General Hospital since 2015.

In addition, she is a speaker and organizer of the semi-annual workshop «Surgical Prehabilitation to Improve Postoperative Outcome» and continues her research on pre-authorisation surgery in cancer patients and is also a teaching assistant since 2016. She has also participated in several international and national conferences, provincial and regional and numerous scientific publications.

Duration: 2 hours


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Credits: 3

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Upon completion of this training, you will be able to:

  1. Cancer's impact and its treatments

  2. What is prehabilitation versus rehabilitation?

  3. Functional assessments

  4. Exercise prescription

  5. Scientific evidence for prehabilitation 

  6. Who benefits most from prehabilitation?

  7. Assessing fragility

  8. Exercise during cancer treatments and the implications of this new therapeutic strategy in cancer treatment for kinesiologists

  9. Exercise after surgical resection of cancer; more than rehabilitation

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