Renewal Clause


Your membership expires on December 31st. To renew your annual membership, you login in to your profile, select My memberships and then click I want to renew my membership. To do this, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • Proof of your continuing education, for instance, 30 credits every 2 years (for accredited members only)

  • Proof of university registration for the current session (students only)

  • Certificate of professional liability insurance (once your insurance is renewed)

If you are a student and you complete your bachelor's degree, you must apply for accreditation (see registration procedure).




If you have not renewed your subscription as an accredited member of the Federation for more than a year, you must contact the QKF and provide the following documents:


An accredited member who has not renewed his membership for less than three years:


If you are unable to provide the proof of continuing education requested, please refer to the following section "In case of non-completion of continuing education credits".


An accredited member who has not renewed his membership for more than three years:


Your request will be treated as a new accreditation. You will have to retake the QKF accreditation exam.





Any credits that have not been made in a 2-year period will have to be carried over to the next period, in addition to the required credits. If at the end of this 2nd period, the member is not able to justify the lack of credit, he will have to retake the accreditation exam to renew his membership in the QKF. In the meantime, his file will not be active and he will not be able to benefit from the services and rights granted to him, such as:


Case example:


Kin Untel did not complete his credits for the 2015-2016 period.

Out of 30, he has only 10. He still has a gap to fill of 20.


It will have to take 30 + 20 credits for the period of 2017-2018. If during the renewal of 2019, it has not completed, a letter will be requested and his file will be studied by the Accreditation Committee. In the meantime, he will not be able to renew his membership, will lose his rights and will have to repeat the accreditation exam if the proof is not valid.