Continuous Training

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All accredited members of the Federation must accumulate 30 credits of recognized continuing education every two years from the year of accreditation. These credits can be obtained from continuing education offered by the QKF and/or by other organizations recognized by the QKF. To make it easier for you to analyze the credits granted to your courses, the Continuing Education Committee provides you with this equivalence grid for continuing education credits

The Director of Continuing Education invites all members who have attended continuing education courses posted or not by the QKF to complete the "Continuing Education Evaluation Survey". This gesture will better meet your expectations regarding continuing education.

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Formation en ligne - FKQ (3 crédits de formation/2h)

Certification MAMABB - Formation en activité physique périnatale

10 et 11 août 2019 et 17-18 août | Bébé Cardio ins | 

La douleur – Mécanismes neurophysiologiques, dysfonctions, et implications cliniques


Formation en ligne pour kinésiologues

Certification SciencePerfo

14-12-2020 | en ligne

L'intervenant sportif et la déficience visuelle


Formation en ligne pour kinésiologues