Insurance Reimbursement

Only accredited members of the QKF can issue receipts for the reimbursement of services in kinesiology. 
The insurance companies that offer certain policies covering kinesiology fees (to date) are:

  • Beneva
  • Manuvie 
  • Desjardins 
  • Sunlife 
  • Industrielle Alliance 
  • Excellence
  • Claim Secure
  • SSQ
  • Great-West


Ask your insurance company if the costs of kinesiology are reimbursed. If they are not, here is the documentation to give to your employer and/or your insurance company to apply for the inclusion of kinesiology services in your insurance plan. We offer this letter template to customize your query.

Tax Information

In Quebec, kinesiologists are not included in the list of practitioners for whom the services are tax-deductible in the amount for medical expenses. For a complete list of eligible expenses, see the Canada Revenue Agency's "2018 Medical Expenses". For Quebec residents, consult the "Medical Expenses" published by the provincial government.