Complaint Handling Committee

Complaint Handling Committee


The integrity and competence of kinesiologists are important values ​​of the QKF. To do this, the Federation maintains a complaint process to control the practice of kinesiology among its members. Individuals expressing concern about a kinesiologist may contact the Federation's Complaint Handling Committee. This committee can help them in several ways:

  • acting as a mediator in the event of a conflict with a kinesiologist;

  • by investigating the professional practices of an accredited member, a commercial practice that is not ethical to the profession, or non-conforming standards of practice.

Whatever the nature of the problem in the practice of kinesiology, do not hesitate to contact the Complaint Handling Committee of the Quebec Kinesiologist Federation. This committee will be able to help you or even refer you to other organizations, if necessary.


What are the rules a kinesiologist must follow?

The rules that a kinesiologist member of the Federation must respect are contained in the Code of Ethics. If you believe that a member kinesiologist has broken any of these rules, you can file a complaint.



Who can complain?

Everyone has the right to make a complaint to the Federation about the professional conduct and services offered by a kinesiologist who is a member of the Federation. You can also make a complaint on behalf of another person who has received the services of a kinesiologist.


Against whom can I complain?

A complaint must be in writing on the form below. To complete the form electronically, you will need the following information:

  • your names and contact information;

  • the name and contact information of the kinesiologist;

  • the date or time period where the offense was committed;

  • where was held the intervention of the complaint;

  • a detailed description of the event;

  • evidence in support, if available (e.g. file notes, witness report from another health care professional). Use THE PATIENT FILE APPLICATION FORM to obtain the documents.

  • any other documentation deemed relevant.

If you need help filling out the form, do not hesitate to contact the Complaint Handling Committee at:



Can I remain anonymous by filing a complaint?

It is possible to file an anonymous complaint. However, since the kinesiologist has the right to know the facts that the FKQ accuses him of, it is possible that a complaint cannot be treated effectively if you wish to remain anonymous or if you do not want the kinesiologist to be aware of the all the documentation on which the complaint is based.

If you have concerns about this issue, do not hesitate to speak with the Complaints Management Committee before submitting your complaint.


How does the processing of a complaint work?

As soon as the complaint is received by the committee, the Complaints Management Committee will process it. You must provide the Committee with all the relevant documentation so that it can deal with the complaint effectively. The Committee will inform the kinesiologist that he is the subject of a complaint.

It is not uncommon for the Committee to have a more formal and thorough investigation in order to obtain more information. In this case, the Complaint Handling Committee will investigate the complaint and will usually hear the plaintiff and the kinesiologist to determine if the complaint is valid.


What is the result of the complaint?

The Complaints Management Committee carefully reviews all documents and proposes a decision to the Board of Directors. The decision may dismiss the complaint or impose a sanction on the member kinesiologist (reprimand, suspension, expulsion, etc.). Neither you nor the kinesiologist will have the right to attend the meeting of the Complaints Management Committee.


How long does it take to handle a complaint?

The Committee must render its decision within four months from the date of receipt of the complaint. This period may, however, be extended depending on the complexity of the complaint.


Is the decision public?

Since the summer of 2017, decisions on complaints have been posted on the Federation's website. For more details, see the Complaint Handling Committee Procedure.

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Who do I contact for more information?

If you have any questions about the complaints process, you can contact the Complaint Handling Committee directly by email at or speak with QKF General Manager Valérie Lucia at 514-343-2471. 

Code of Ethics

Complaint Form

Complaint Handling Committee Procedure

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