The Quebec Kinesiologist Federation has more than 30 years of history!


On May 14, 1988, the founding assembly of the Provincial Federation of Kinesiologists was held as a professional association at the Quebec level.


Change of name: from Provincial Federation of Kinesiologists to Provincial Association of Kinesiologists.


Change of name: from Provincial Association of Kinesiologists to Federation of Physical Educators of Quebec.


First constitutional demand for a professional order to the Office des professions from four professional federations  (FEEPEQ – FEEPKQ – FEEPEQ – FEEPRQ) with a reserved professional title.


Change of name: from Federation of physical educators of Quebec to Quebec Kinesiologist Federation to distinguish themselves from the term professional physical educator.


The new address of the head office now located at the CEPSUM of the University of Montreal after more than 12 years with a postal box and address in Trois-Rivières (the city in which the founding congress took place in May 1988).


Resolution establishing the successful completion of a professional examination for anyone wishing to become an accredited member.


Filing of the second application for incorporation in professional order at the Office des professions by four requesting professional federations (FEEPEQ - FKQ - FEEPEQ - FEEPRQ) requesting two reserved professional titles (kinesiologists and educators).


Publication of the directory of kinesiologists accredited members intended for the population and professionals of Quebec wishing to obtain kinesiology services in each region of the province.


The first meeting of the National Council of Kinesiology composed of members of the Federation and a representative of each university program of bachelor degree in kinesiology and whose purpose is to improve communication and consultation between the Federation and universities.


The Federation files an application for a professional order at the Office des professions du Québec.


The Office des professions du Québec recognizes the prejudism level of kinesiology acts and moves on to stage two of the analysis process.


The analysis of our application is underway by the Office des professions du Québec. 3 addendas are filed since 2013.


On May 14, the QKF celebrates its 30th anniversary.


The QKF has been working for more than 22 years to obtain a professional order. Here is the evolution of the ongoing request. 


A consultation of partners and health professionals whose field of practice has an apparent connection with that of kinesiology was held in the summer of 2021, through the Office des professions du Québec, following which twenty theses were collected. These theses are now part of an additional step in the treatment process whose goal is to consolidate the portrait of kinesiology. This consultation exercise aims, if possible, to establish a certain number of observations, but also to reveal the main concerns related to the regulation of kinesiology. Based on these observations, the Office will be able to align itself correctly for the rest of the work.