FAQ - New subscription or renewal


I cannot login in the member zone website. 

While entering your email and your password, Impossible to Login appear: 

Make sure to type the correct e-mail. Then, it may be possible that your password has been disconnected (multiples trials or prolonged inactivity). Use the bouton Password Reset in order to obtain a new password. Then, copy/paste it to ensure the correct transcription.

While entering your email and password, ‘’You don't have access’’ appears:

Contact us


The insurance purchase fails on the Prolink site (problems accessing issue to their platform or payment)

Report the concern to cka@prolink.insure, indicating your name, member number and email.


Where do I upload the required documents?

Your documents must be uploaded in your profile by clicking on « My Memberships » then, « Manage documents ». You will receive a confirmation of renewal once your file is complete.


Is my membership renewal has been processed?

Membership renewal are validated within 10-14 working provided that your file is complete. Then, you will receive your receipts and your card member by email (verify in your spam). If it’s not the case, make sure you complete all the required steps. You may check your status by login into your profile and select my membership. Here is a status’ key :


Consult my Documents:

Status validated

Pending for Validation :

Status pending for approval by the office

Pending for Documents : 

You must upload the required documents to complete your membership


Where do I add the required documents for the continued training? 

Your documents must be uploaded in your profile and in My training activities. 


I am already covered by a professional liability insurance (other tha Prolink), what should I do?

Your acts are already insured with your employer (including RSSS) and you do not want to subscribe to the professional liability insurance provided by the QKF? Choose the option “Accredited Member – other insurance than Prolink”. To be exempted of this insurance, you must check the Professional Liability Release, certifying that you understand the conditions of the choice and you must upload a proof of your employer professional liability insurance certificate or the contract with your name (or company name) or for RSSS only, a pay stub may be provided. Without these documents, your membership cannot be process.


Is it possible to modify my email address in my profile?

Yes, by login into your account and click on My profile. Make sure to use the new email when you access to the member zone as well as your password.


Is it possible to modify my password for connexion?

Yes, by entering your code and click on Modify my password. Make sure to use the new password in your next login.


I renewed my membership, but I no longer appear on the repertory, why? 

Make sure to receive a validation of your renewal (card member and transaction receipt).

If it wasn’t done:

refer to question Is my membership renewal has been processed?

If it’s already done:

make sure to provide all the correct information in the Company section of MY PROFILE tab (street, postal code, city, telephone, etc.) and in MY ORGANIZATION tab. Please note that the Workplace box must contain the name of your company name and not a geographic location.


I did not renew my membership to the QKF, nor to Prolink insurance yet. Will I receive a penalty? 

After January 15th, 2023, all members that has not renew their membership won’t have access to the member zone on the website, nor the services of the QKF (i.e: they won’t be able to benefit of the member price rate for the congress if the membership fee is not renew on time). Your professional insurance liability expires on January 1st. After this date, you are no longer cover for your services. 


I am currently on parental leave, which status should I choose?

If you can justify your parental leave (and not maternity/paternity), with a QPIP proof, you can renew your membership as a member on parental leave and add proof of QPIP giving right to 15 credits to your continuing education. We recommend that you purchase Prolink insurance when you renew your QKF membership, at the start of the year, if you provide kinesiology service within the next 12 months. Your status will remain the same (member on parental leave) for the full calendar year, from January to December.

You will need to notify the insurer Prolink of your change of status when you stop and go back to work: Félix Lavergne | flavergne@jsassurance.ca | 514 384.1460 - ext. 234.