Logo Usage Policy

The logo of the Quebec Federation Kinesiologists represents its official signature, just like its name. The QKF, therefore, has the exclusive use of its logo but it also authorizes members to use an "accredited member" logo, based on a few simple rules guaranteeing a correct and uniform presentation of its visual identity.

1.     Only accredited kinesiologists with a valid QKF membership may use the logo as prescribed in this document.

2.     The QKF logo may be used in the following circumstances: 

  • In the media

  • By accredited members:

    • on their personal website. It is suggested to put the logo of "accredited member of the F.K.Q" with a hyperlink to our website.

    • Members are allowed to use the logo of "accredited member of the F.K.Q". on their business cards, stationery, and publicity, in order to inform the public of their affiliation to the F.K.Q.

  • By the regional associations:  

    • for their continuing education approved by the director of continuing education

    • on their website

3.     The logo must be used in accordance with the established graphic standards, colors, and proportions of elements adopted by the QKF.

4.     Anyone who uses the QKF logo and who does not comply with this policy will be prosecuted and/or liable to a fine up to $ 500.