The Kinesiologist

The kinesiologist is a health professional who specializes in physical activity and uses movements for prevention, treatment and performance.

He assesses the physical condition, and its determinants, as well as the dynamics of movement of a person with or without disturbed personal factors.

He establishes a plan for treatment and intervention through physical activity and then ensures its implementation in order to improve or restore health.

His functions range from the functional dimension to the performance, according to the biopsychosocial foundations


Bring the public to discover the benefits of being physically active, including the pleasure, throughout life in a framework of safe and professional interventions, supported by recognized skills.



Optimize the motor performance and the determinants of the individual's physical condition to give him the desire to be physically active on a regular basis, in order to reduce the risk factors related to sedentary lifestyle and set up the conditions necessary to improve his physical condition.



The kinesiologist's mission is to optimize motor performance and the determinants of a person's physical condition, whether or not they have a particular condition, through physical activity. The goal is self-determination for clients to adopt a physically active lifestyle on a regular basis.