My Career

My studies in Kinesiology will allow me to work in a wide range of challenging and exciting environments!

  • hospital centers

  • health centers

  • rehabilitation centers or clinics

  • local community service centers (CLSCs)

  • health and social services centers (CSSS)

  • fitness centers

  • sports and leisure clubs

  • sports associations and federations

  • municipal recreation services

  • CEGEPs and universities

  • private and public companies

  • community organizations

  • government agencies;

In order to make the right choice, you may try the experience during an internship in kinesiology!



Pascale Bellemare - Kinesiologist in prevention / health promotion at Argenteuil Health and Social Services Center
University of study: Université Laval

I completed my Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology at Laval University in December 2000. My studies completed, I worked in cardiac rehabilitation on the south shore of Montreal. As I wanted to deepen my knowledge in this field, I decided to do a master's degree in physical activity sciences at the University of Montreal, which allowed me to carry out a research project at the Institute of Cardiology. from Montreal. I subsequently occupied several interesting jobs in cardiac rehabilitation. For almost 5 years now, I have been working at the CSSS d'Argenteuil in prevention / promotion of health. As a kinesiologist, I meet people in my office to motivate them to adopt a physically active lifestyle. I help them find out for themselves how they want to be active. I also do fitness assessments and exercise programs according to the needs of my clients. I also see patients from the diabetes clinic and those in pulmonary rehabilitation. In addition, I am in charge of implementing the 0-5-30 program in my region’s businesses. It is a health promotion / prevention program for employees to help them quit (0), eat a minimum of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables (5) and get 30 minutes of activity physical daily (30). It's a job that I find very motivating! 

Maude Bélanger - Kinesiologist at Ubisoft
University of study: UQTR

My name is Maude Bélanger and I am an accredited kinesiologist. I completed my Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology at the UQTR in 2008. At the end of my studies, I worked at Energie Cardio and I gave courses for the company Cardio Plein Air. For 4 years now, I’ve been working as a full time kinesiologist at Ubisoft in Montreal. The work in the company allows me to touch several facets of kinesiology and to intervene with people with different conditions (people sedentary vs athletes). My week comes down to: administering group scheduling and course management, giving employees spinning and bootcamping classes, training and private training for employees, and performing ergonomic assessments at their training positions. job. There is a fitness center on site and employees benefit from four kinesiologists at their service for free. We also have a lot of openness to develop new projects. Working in a company is stimulating and makes a difference in the lifestyle of employees!