Until September 1, 2023

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Duration: 2 hours

Credits: 3


  • $100, member

  • $140, non-member

  • $56, student


Perineal conditions: what you need to know about male, female and perinatal clients.

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By Olivia Dubois, MPht, Ph.D.


Physiotherapist in perineal and pediatric rehabilitation since 2011, assistant to commercial management and Development Department of the Cigonia Clinic since 2016, graduate of the postgraduate microprogram in perineal and pelvic rehabilitation at the Université de Montréal in 2015, Ph.D. degree obtained in 2018; important research on the effectiveness physiotherapy's treatment for pain during sex in woman, lecturer at the Sherbrooke University in the Master’s program in physiotherapy since 2014, participation in several national, provincial and regional conferences (FKQ, Magog, 2019; Sclerodermy, Montreal, 2016; AKKOMQ, Trois-Rivières, 2011, etc.)


Duration: 2 hours



  • $100, member

  • $140, non-member

  • $56, student


Credits: 3


Upon completion of this training, you will be able to:

  1. Know the pelvic floor muscles and their functions in women (including perinatal) and men.

  2. List the different symptoms of perineal conditions that can be found in male and female clients (including perinatal). 

  3. Introduce briefly the treatments of these conditions according to the latest scientific evidence in order to know how to refer people to a physiotherapist trained in perineal rehabilitation.

  4. Be aware of the physiotherapist’s dedicated activities and be informed of the risks of illegal physiotherapy practice.

  5. Know the kinesiologist's roles in managing perineal conditions.

  6. Describe physiotherapy management of these conditions to inform clients.

  7. Contribute to the return to safe physical activity in postpartum women.


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