SOSCuisine is an evidence-based nutritional platform. It offers healthy meal plans tailored to some thirty different needs and situations, including several medical conditions. The meal plans are fully personalized to suit individual preferences and follow the availability of fresh local produce as well as flyer specials from local supermarkets.


Two levels of service are offered: VIP and PREMIUM, corresponding respectively to with or without one-on-one support from a Registered Dietitian member of the Professional Order of Dietitians of Quebec (OPDQ).


Entirely developed in Quebec and in operation for 15 years, the platform stands out from all other resources, for being prescribed since 2012 by the University of Montreal Health Center (CHUM) and since 2014 by the Montreal Heart Institute and Francophone Physicians of Canada, in addition to being recommended by several physicians and dietitians. Kinesiologists can therefore rely on SOSCuisine when the opportunity arises to refer their clientele to a reliable nutrition resource.


Benefits for FKQ members

The agreement concluded with the FKQ provides for free and unlimited access to the PREMIUM service for all accredited members of the FKQ, in order to enable them to become acquainted with the platform and assess its usefulness for their clients.


Benefits for their clients

The agreement also provides for an exclusive discount for your customers, applicable on the PREMIUM service.

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