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The Quebec Kinesiologist Federation is a non-profit organization with more than 1,600 members and over 1,000 accredited kinesiologists.

Kinesiologists who are members of the Federation, provide professional services in physical activity, prevention, rehabilitation, performance, and well-being.

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Funding for Business to Encourage Physical Activity in the Workplace

June 18 2019

Call your accredited kinesiologist to develop your physical activity program. You cannot afford it? Minister Charest has just announced the creation of the Programme d’aide financière aux entreprises en matière d’activités physiques. Businesses with 5 to 499 employees, including not-for-profit organizations and cooperatives, will receive up to $ 40,000 in financial assistance. #Bougermieux #avecunkintupeux

New for Back to School of Fall 2019: One Hour Free Extracurricular Activities per Day for Thousands of High School Students

June 10 2019

Kinesiologists are delighted with this measure adopted by Minister Charest. By September 2019, thousands of students attending public high schools will be able to move, to flourish and to develop their sense of belonging by taking advantage, if they wish, of one hour of free extracurricular activities per day.  #Bougermieux #avecunkintupeux

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