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The Quebec Kinesiologist Federation is a non-profit organization with more than 1,600 members and over 1,000 accredited kinesiologists.

Kinesiologists who are members of the Federation, provide professional services in physical activity, prevention, rehabilitation, performance, and well-being.

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COVID-19 Policies for resumption of activities

May 07 2020

In order to allow kinesiologists to prepare for a possible return to practice in the private sector, the FKQ provides them with a detailed procedure.

This procedure aims to protect patients, kinesiologists and those around them. The instructions set out will be adapted as the situation in Quebec develops.


Covid 19 - Risk prevention policies

March 16 2020

On March 15, Prime Minister Legault forced all fitness centers and recreation centers to close their doors as well as the cancellation of all group classes until further notice. See other measures taken by the government.

For kinesiologists who work in private clinics or who do individual consultations, the FKQ recommends deferring allinterventions nonessential. 

Soutien aux actions favorisant les saines habitudes de vie chez les aînés

November 27 2019

La ministre responsable des Aînés et des Proches aidants, Marguerite Blais, lance aujourd'hui l'appel de projets 2019-2020 pour le Programme de soutien aux actions favorisant les saines habitudes de vie. Les organismes désirant soumettre un projet peuvent le faire d'ici le 22 janvier 2020. Ce programme, qui en est à sa 2e édition, soutient de nouvelles activités visant l'acquisition d'une saine alimentation ou d'un mode de vie physiquement actif qui sont offertes par des organismes dans les municipalités ou les MRC engagées dans une démarche Municipalité amie des aînés (MADA).

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