Coaching Skills for Behaviour Change - a specially hosted session for kinesiologists and allied health

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Durée : 22 heures

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Coaching Skills for Behaviour Change - a specially hosted session for kinesiologists and allied health

Coaching Skills for Behaviour Change - a specially hosted session for kinesiologists and allied health

Multi-week learning zoom workshop

By Genevieve Boivin, Kinesiologist and Margie Sillis-Maerov, Occupational Therapist


Webinar Description (Restez à l'affût, la version française sera disponible en 2024)

Why Coaching?
The roles that health care providers play in the healthcare system — as leaders, mentors, providers, and colleagues — require not only the technical skills taught in medical and allied health education, but also the adaptive skills of communicating, engaging and fostering others’ in a psychologically safe way. This is achieved in building the ability to help guide others through problem-solving, rather than providing the answer, which most medical training focuses on.

The skills for this kind of interaction are often found in skills that are called “coaching skills”. Most coaching programs are focused on building skills to become a full-time coach practitioner, not to add on to current roles.

The Coaching for Behaviour Change – hosted especially for Kins and Allied Health series is designed by healthcare providers to build the skills of “coaching” into the roles that healthcare professionals play.

Ever wonder why your patients and clients don't implement what you suggest, or why your colleagues struggle with change? We often resort to "just telling people" what to do. When individuals are coached on their thinking about a change, people adopt change at a rate almost ten times more than someone just being told about it (Joyce & Showers, 1980). Learn the communication skills that support that kind of change and growth in others!


  • Distinguish situations when coaching might be of benefit to your role with your clients/patients/colleagues
  • Identify the alignment of neurocognition and other scientific findings and the activities of coaching.
  • Demonstrate an increased skill base in using the coaching skills in informal and formal conversations.
  • Assess how coaching might be a part of your personal identity


Genevieve Boivin completed her Master's Degree in Kinesiology in Health Promotion from Montreal University. Working in chronic conditions management for ten years, she became curious about the underlying causes that stop people from adopting a healthy lifestyle. She
obtained her Integrative Health Coach certification from Mount Royal University and later her certification in Cognitive Coaching. 

She is happy to support people in their wellness journey as she creates a safe space for people to define their well-being and create their unique way forward. Genevieve sees individuals as resourceful and whole. As you work with her, you will gain problem-solving and decision-making skills while getting clarity around the psycho-social aspects and how they influence your behaviours and biological responses. Genevieve is also Coach and Facilitator at Thought Architects, a collective of professionals that brings humanity in the workplace. She also supports professionals in integrating coaching skills into their practice to create a safe environment for others to learn, create, and thrive. She coaches leaders in becoming impactful and teams to thrive.    

Margie Sillis-Maerov is the fearless leader, business lead, and the visionary behind Thought Architects' work. She is a sought-after facilitator and speaker in the areas of coaching and healthcare practice and is always willing to have a conversation and learn from others. She can put ideas together in creative ways to offer the most impactful learning and growth opportunities for teams, and has curated a team that she loves and trusts to do just that.

Occupational Therapist by background, she grew up in health care and has worked at all levels of the health system. Along the way she picked up expertise in clinical and process improvement, facilitation, leadership & team development, human-centred design, and coaching. Besides being a boymom to three, she also holds a couple of other roles as the Education Program Officer at the University of Alberta in the Faculty of Medicine and the Program Coordinator for the Coalition for Physician Learning and Practice Improvement. She works hard but enjoys her free time - either on her bike or on skis (and will happily have a meeting on the mountain with you).

Workshop details:

  • Starting date: October 13th (9 weeks),
  • Where: Meet on Zoom
  • Day: Friday
  • Time: 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, Mountain Standard Time. 
  • (10:00 am Pacific, 12:00 pm Central, 1:00 pm Eastern, 2:00 pm Atlantic)
  • Last session:  Dec. 8th
  • Date limite pour s'inscrire : 6 octobre 2023, 23h59.

Our sessions are taught by one of the creators of the program - Margie (also an OT) and Genevieve, a kinesiologist who learned and adopted the skills of coaching into her own clinical practice. 

Duration: 22 hours

The program is 19 hours in total. An additional 3 hours of training are free if you attend our skills refresher and practice, bringing the total hours to 22 hours of training. If you are in Alberta, it is eligible for the Canada Jobs Grant.

Costs: $1 050,00, GST not included.

Credits: 22 


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