LIFT session

LIFT session, a Montreal-based company that has developed a premium digital training platform to help deliver a world-class virtual experience to your clients. With a exclusive’s technology of LIFT session, it is now possible to recreate the dynamism and security of a one to one session, virtually.

As telehealth is booming, we believe that this cutting-edge digital tool allows you to provide virtual coaching and optimal monitoring to provide kinesiology services.

Some features

LIFT is a useful, user-friendly and indispensable tool for telehealth. It allows for screenshots, instant customer feedback, digital assessment and program sharing, while being a bank of over 1,500 demonstrative videos.



  • A preferential rate on an annual or monthly subscription

  • A training on LIFT platform and virtual personal training

  • A platform that:

    • provides you with digital tools for a world-class customer experience;

    • is bilingual (English and French);

    • supports up to 9 small group customers;

    • offers you a report to analyze each client’s sessions.


Take your teleconsultations to another level with this tool, used by many, and benefit from a discount price as a member of the FKQ!


Discover the LIFT experience! (video) and register for the webinar on May 20, 2021, at noon (free).



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